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9:15–10:15       Warm Yoga with Evelyn
6:00–7:00         Restorative Yoga with Lili

9:15–10:15          Barre Blend with Pamela
12:15–12:45 FREE Guided Meditation with Megan
4:30–5:30            Barre Blend with Megan
6:15–7:15            Warm Yoga Flow with Kirby

9:15–10:15 Warm Slow Flow with Megan
4:30–5:30          Warm Flow and Restore with Joanne
5:45–6:15 Express Barre with Megan
6:30–7:30           Warm Yoga Flow with Sharon

9:15–10:15           Barre with Pamela
4:30–5:30             Barre Blend with Robin
6:15–7:30            All Levels Yoga with Jess J 

9:15–10:15 Barre Blend with Megan
4:30–5:30           All Levels Yoga with Lili
5:45–6:15 Express Barre with Megan
6:30–7:30           Warm Yoga Flow with Kelly 

9:15–10:15       All Levels Yoga with Lili
10:30-11:15 Barre 45 with Megan
4:30–5:30 Pop-Up Class (check Mindbody for class and teacher)

8:15–9:00         Barre 45 with Pamela
9:15–10:15       All Levels Yoga with Emily 


All Levels Yoga – By linking breath to movement, you’ll move through yoga poses and transitions that lengthen, strengthen and center. Each instructor incorporates their own unique style and suggests modifications to make the class safe and and provide the right amount of challenge for all students. Experience enhanced muscle strength, increased flexibility, a lengthened spine and a clear focused mind.

Warm Yoga Flow – A vinyasa style class with a harmonious flow between poses to build heat. Focus is on connecting breath to movement with fluidity. A mindful flow designed to enhance muscle strength, stamina and flexibility. The room is gently heated to help your body sink deeper into the poses.

Warm Flow & Restore – A mindful vinyasa style yoga practice in a slightly warm  room. You will flow while lengthening and strengthening. The class ends with restorative poses to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body.

Warm Yoga – Similar to our All Levels Yoga class, but the room is gently heated.

Restorative Yoga (with Thai yoga assists and essential oils) – Center your breath and body by aligning your physical and mental state in this relaxing restorative practice. By utilizing props, such as blocks, blankets, and bolsters, you are able to enter a deeper level of stillness and quiet, while holding poses for longer periods of time. Instructor will offer hands-on Thai Yoga assists using Essential Oils throughout class for aromatherapy. 

Lunchtime Yoga – A 45-minute version of our All Levels Yoga class designed to recharge your body and refocus your mind. This mindful class incorporates poses, transitions and breath work so you can return to your day with greater energy and focus.

Lunchtime Meditation – A 45-minute guided meditation class held every Monday that includes breath work, gentle postures, mindfulness and visualization. Proven benefits of a regular meditation practice are relaxation, improved concentration, increased self-awareness and greater cardiovascular and immune health. Learn techniques to start your own practice with the energy that community meditation brings. 


Barre – Our Barre classes incorporate isometric and calisthenic movements with ballet-inspired positions and include planks, pushups, squats, core work and strengthening exercises. Classes utilize ballet barre, light weights, balls, bands, and mats (all are provided). Sculpt arms, abs and legs, increase flexibility and endurance, improve posture and decrease stress. For all our Barre and Zen Fitness classes, practice barefoot or in grip socks (which we recommend to prevent slipping and enhance performance).

Barre Blend – The best of both worlds – Barre Blend mixes Barre moves to build strength with some yoga poses for flexibility, balance and energy. The class is a full-body workout that utilizes props, along with your own body weight, and is designed to enhance muscle strength, improve flexibility and decrease stress. 

Barre 45 – A compact version of Barre. We drop some of the cool down and keep you working hard almost to the very end so none of the power is compromised. The result is an effective 45-minute full body workout that is guaranteed to sculpt, strengthen and lengthen. 


Current Pricing

Students, Veterans and Seniors (62 years old and older) are entitled to a discount drop-in price of $10 (to be purchased at the studio with proper identification). Veterans and Seniors also receive 5% off memberships.

Students, Veterans and Seniors (62 years old and older) are entitled to a discount drop-in price of $10 (to be purchased at the studio with proper identification). Veterans and Seniors also receive 5% off memberships.

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