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9:15–10:15           50/50 Barre & Yoga
4:30–5:30             All-Levels Yoga
6:15–7:15             All-Levels Yoga

6:00–6:45             Rise & Shine Yoga
12:15–1:00           Lunchtime Yoga
4:30–5:30             50/50 Pilates & Yoga
6:15–7:15             All Levels Yoga (may be held outdoors) 

9:15–10:15           Barre
4:00–4:30             Free Intro to Barre
4:30–5:30             Zen Barre
6:15–7:15             All-Levels Yoga 

9:15–10:15         Zen Fitness
4:30–5:30           All-Levels Yoga

9:15–10:15        All-Levels Yoga
10:30–11:30      Barre
4:30–5:30          50/50 Pilates & Yoga

8:00–9:00         Barre
9:15–10:15       All-Levels Yoga 

9:30–10:30       All-Levels Yoga
6:00–7:00         Restorative Yoga


All Levels – In this class you will be guided through yoga poses that are geared toward all levels. The instructors will give you modifications for poses that may be more challenging as to make it safe for all students in class. It is up to you to listen to your body and do what feels right and modify when necessary. There is no judgement and it is just you and your mat for an hour of peace and movement that will leave you refreshed, strong and balanced.

Restorative Yoga (with Thai yoga assists and essential oils) – Center your breath and body by aligning your physical and mental state in this relaxing restorative practice. By utilizing props, such as blocks, blankets, and bolsters, you are able to enter a deeper level of stillness and quiet, while holding poses for longer periods of time. Instructor will offer hands-on Thai Yoga assists and Essential Oils throughout class for aromatherapy. 

Vinyasa – A strengthening yoga practice, typically at a faster pace, with a harmonious flow between series of postures. Focus is on connecting breath to movement with fluidity. Sometimes the room is gently heated to help your body sink a little deeper into the poses (which we'll indicate on the current schedule). 

Lunchtime 45 Minute Yoga – Refocus in the midst of your busy day with a refreshing all-levels yoga class designed to declutter your mind and recenter you body. Emphasis will be on practicing mindfulness, stretching the neck, shoulders, and back. Awaken your best self and reignite your energy for the best rest of your day!

Rise & Shine 45 Minute Yoga – Kick-start your morning with a 45-minute all-levels yoga class, focused on cultivating positivity for an amazing day! Learn how to begin the day focused on your breath and energy, and see how the benefits of mindfulness will carry out into the rest of your day. 

50/50 Pilates & Barre – Infusion of toning pilates movements with the postures and breath work of a yoga class. This class offers a full mind and body workout!

Sweat and Surrender – This is a flow class appropriate for all levels. The element of the warmth allows the muscles and soul to release and you will leave feeling renewed and in a peaceful state of clarity.


Barre – Our barre classes incorporate basic dance positions with isometric movements; we utilize small hand weights, balls, and bands to burn major calories. Classes are fun, upbeat and challenging. It will focus on strengthening and toning the physique for a lean sculpted look while building endurance and flexibility. (Shashi grip socks are strongly recommended to prevent slipping and enhance performance!) 

Intro to Barre – This 30 minute class will demonstrate proper form, alignment and technique for a barre class. The teacher will show you poses and props used in our regular barre class. This class is appropriate for beginners or those that want a refresher on posture, poses and alignment.

50/50 Barre & Yoga – Our signature combo class! 30 minutes of Barre, followed by 30 minutes of Yoga. Get in a stellar workout with Barre, AND time to meditate, unwind, and lengthen your muscles with Yoga. All levels are welcome. 

Zen Fitness – An all-levels class that combines Barre, Yoga with weights, and low-impact Kickboxing! This fun, effective class will leave you feeling empowered, focused, and zen. Enjoy this high-energy workout, kick up the cardio, and see how you can reach your fitness goals fast. 

Zen Barre – 45 minutes of our classic barre class with the special bonus of 15 minutes of yoga! Get your sweat and your deep stretch in just one hour! 


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