Self Care and the Inner Yogi

Cheyenne Capobianco 

Everyone comes to yoga with a specific outcome in mind and a certain idea of how their own personal experience will be. Some people come for strictly physical benefits while others want the full yogic experience. They want to unleash their enlightened inner yogi and feel the peace and bliss we all crave.



Doing this is a lot simpler than you might think. To truly feel the lightness of being carefree all you have to do is find out what makes you  YOU and providing some version of self care to nurture those aspects of yourself. I’ll share a personal story with you on this... Last weekend, I decided I wanted my nose pierced. This is something that I’ve been toying with for a very long time. Once I did it, I instantly felt like the coolest person on the planet. It was like something had changed inside of me. I described it to my friends as “my soul has been unleashed.” This small little piece of jewelry had made me feel like I was on top of the world. Everything was easier all of the sudden. I could focus more, I was practicing yoga more frequently, I was studying more than I ever had before. I have FINALLY felt like I had the chaos of my life in a place where I could control it and where I was setting myself up for success and accomplishing it! This is a feeling that I had never felt for more than a day or two and now that I have, it’s empowering.



Now of course this nose ring is not the magical reason why I was instantly this whole new super zen yoga teacher. There is actually a real reason behind it. My practice. I have this new wonderful opportunity to practice along side of each and every single one of you almost every day. This practice, this breath, this community, this new job is opening the doors for me to be able to feel this way. Yoga has given me all of the tools that I’ve needed. It’s given me guidance, it’s challenged me, and it’s helped me grow. I feel this sense of relief and control and a feeling of unleashing my “inner yogi” not because of a nose ring but because I’m sticking with my practice and letting my breath guide me. Instead of resisting what my body needs, I’m listening and doing it! What is your body telling you that it needs? Maybe for you it isn’t yoga. Maybe it’s a night in, a personal day off of work to yourself, or picking up an old hobby that you forgot you have loved. Whatever your body, mind, and soul is aching for provide that to yourself. Everything around you might just fall into place. So as you go on about your day today, think about it…..what’s your nose ring?